4 comments on “THE ROOT OF SUFFERING

  1. “Till next time…do good.” I don’t have any scientific reasons why some people chronically do evil other than maybe it’s a genetic fluke…no conscience. Or is it because they were so severely traumatized when they were young? I don’t understand it, either. All I can do is try to be kind and good to others and hope that my good actions create a ripple effect that changes the lives of others. A great post, buddy! Keep up the good work! Much love and many, friendly, naked hugs! 🙂

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    • Hoping for the best seems to be all that we can do. Eventually your way of thinking will become the majority and then we shall see some real change in the world.


  2. I believe Roger hit the nail on the head. Your forth group doesn’t connect with the rest of the world with empathy or simpathy. This is something biological, neurological, and or the result of a trauma. It is the only way they know. The only way that makes sense to them. Inflict pain; emotional or physical. When done to them, it is merely a reinforcer that the world is bad and they need to be worse to thrive.

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