Your Host


Hi! My name is Cory. Nice to meet you.

Well what can I say about myself? I’m just your average guy. Your average listening to music, practicing Buddhism, playing handball, singing on the side, gaming, and enjoying road trips guy. I have 6 siblings, 5 parents (I’m sure I’ll explain later), 2 bestfriends, and no pets. I like karaoke places, eating noodles with chopsticks, and scrolling through my Instagram feed. 99% of the time I text in perfect grammar, go to sleep playing podcasts, and have an assortment of stuffed animals and plushies stationed around my room. Also, I always look for cheap ways to visit places other than NYC. Oh and I love Twenty-One Pilots. Like “know every song word for word” love them.

 I love what I love. I hate what I hate. I am what I am.


6 comments on “Your Host

  1. You’re one smart and clever man … I’m a writer in New York, and while I doubt I’m as clever as you, you might take a look. Your opinion would mean something. I don’t think I’ve ever said this, but I’m glad I found your blog.

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