12 comments on “I THINK IM HAPPY

  1. Awesome! That’s it. My blogging buddy, I consider myself an optimist and for myself, the game (life) is pretty much the same. We stumble through life frantically looking for the positive often concealed by all the negative. We frantically grasp and grip hard to any hint of hope/goodness that we find. Life is what it is, my friend. Good job and best wishes. Peace! Get naked. Enjoy! πŸ™‚

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  2. At No time can any of us reliably predict the future, nor can we reliably react as we had planned. The myth is comforting because of the delusion that we are who we think we are… but you already know this, and it is why your discomfort is doubled. Yes, the other shoe will drop someday and you will have planned your reaction… and it won’t work. Life is and our disappointment is. Just as your current joy is. Enjoy it all… then tell me how. πŸ™‚

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    • Hmm discomfort due to understanding. I think this is where some people seek to stay “blissfully ignorant”. True, joy and disappointment are in a continuous oscillating existence in life that we can’t control. Just gotta take it as they come and absorb the experience it seems. :]


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