1. My blogging buddy, a very revealing and remarkable post. Thank you. I view blogging as an online diary, a way to express our thoughts and events that in some way affect our daily lives. BTW: like yourself, I detest the cold weather. Much love and naked hugs, friend! 🙂

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  2. I started this particular Blog that I’m working on now just because I like keeping records of certain things, and I hate filing cabinets. When someone asks for something I have filed away, I prefer using Google as my secretary to digging through mounds of paper which I already suspect will include everything but what I’m looking for. And electronically, I get to meet a lot of interesting others, such as yourself, who just wouldn’t fit, or be happy, in my filing cabinet. Now that I compare them, your reasons for Blogging seem much more sensible than mine, but then, I never claimed to be sensible. Lol. I enjoyed this post of yours, keep it up. Kudos.

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    • Haha Google is a very efficient secretary good sir. And I think our reasons for anything really only have to be, at the very least, sensible to ourselves. We make our own motives don’t we? :]

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