4 comments on “THE LEARNING CURVE PT.2

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  2. Let me throw a curve at you. I mentioned somewhere in my story that by the time I was 8, there had been three very serious attempts on my life. What I don’t think I mentioned is the perpetrators of those acts were two step-brothers, and a biological sister. Trust me on this one, some lessons are better left unlearned. (Or at least forgotten.)

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    • Wow. That’s serious. The stepbrothers I could potentially see that happening because my first stepbrother hated me with an insane passion. But your sister…That’s just cold.

      My youngest brother, at the time, almost took me out accidentally with a cheese cake. We tell it as a funny story now because it’s been a few years and he didn’t know. I was tough enough to make a recovery and get out the hospital though. It just coincided with the day I was taking my physical for the USAF and he didn’t want me to go so everyone finds it a bit suspicious. We always say subconsciously he would’ve killed me to stop me haha.

      You’re right though. That lesson, I don’t want to have to learn. I hope you guys are on better terms now. …or at least neutral.


      • Yeah, with my sister we also laugh about it now. My mother had told her she couldn’t go out with her friends because she had to wash my hair for school the next day, and the news made her snap. She had me kneeling on a chair with my head under the kitchen tap, and by putting the plug in the sink, and getting me off balance, she was able to hold me under the water until I stopped breathing apparently, and paramedics had to be called in to resuscitate me. I survived, so any harm is of the unseen variety. Hang in there. Read you later.


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