1. Hey, buddy, welcome back! Yeah, it’s still frosty here, you could have left that somewhere else! 🙂 Good point in your essay and I agree that respect should be “across the board” to all people. Every human, the drug dealer, the senior citizen, the homeless person, the differing enabled, deserves and is worthy of respect. I believe we need to practice this simple kindness more as opposed to judging others by a certain “standard” that is open to interpretation and may or may not be applied equally. Much love and naked hugs, man! May we all “defrost” a little? LOL!


  2. I like the theory of an “across the board” type of evaluation. Unfortunately it’ll be hard to implement for everyone to follow. Customs are customs and habits are habits and mindsets are mindsets.

    p.s. I missed your “Much love and naked hugs” haha


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