1. I’m not surprised to hear you say you’re a lonely guy. If you’re smart enough to pinpoint your issue than you’re one step closer to getting where you want to be. In my opinion, I feel that you may be better off reevaluating yourself whether it’s by yourself, or in a relationship. You haven’t found what you’re “looking for” but depending on what it is, you may or may not find it, because it’s not best for you. Be prudent with your decision though. I just don’t want you to be someone who tries to escape loneliness by giving your partner a void that only you can fill in your heart. Hahas I wrote a fucking paragraph but you know where I stand. I know that coming from me, a guy that harbored anger and hate in my heart for a long time makes me the last person who should be giving you any advice, but I hope it helps you somewhat. Stay frosty dude lolz


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