One comment on “A LITTLE CLOSER

  1. Good Morning. I went to a small junior college the first 2 years, and it was much more friendly and cozy. I could have close friends there unlike doing my last 2 years in a larger state college.I am with you as to live events vs. TV. I am 75 and retired 14 years, and I get way too much TV.I like the sound of your life at Brooklyn College.  RYC thanks for your visit today. After I shared my life as Nurse Frank taking care of 3 women, I wanted to give my wonder Xanga family a happy story–hard to beat that Hawaii story. I remember how awfully poor we were. Then overnight, we are in Hawaii.  God has been so good to us.Have a nice week at school. Nothing is more important in getting an education while you are young.blessingsfrank


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