One comment on “ACROSS THE RIVER

  1. As an old guy of 75, it is inspiring to me to see someone so young dealing with this life long issues. It is good to master these struggles early in life because they will be with you forever.When to friends are in a heated discussion and one or both want you to take sides, that shows their immaturity and insecurity.I always opted to let them know that this is just between them and not you, which I think is true.The Old Testament  Proverbs even hints at leaving arguing neighbors alone–goes back thousands of years. lol We are not new to this problem.Secondly, you do have to be true to yourself. Being neutral is not a bad thing.Thirdly, sometimes speaking up is required, especially if one friend is planning on some action in life that is harmful, like trying drugs, committing crime, or cheating on a test.I admire your thinking on this.blessingsfrank


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