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  1. i heard da vmas hosted the scene where 50 cent cursed ouh on stage. i guess sum of linkin park was stuck at lincoln park tryin to git a song da park will let n free them. san andreas uve been taco wrapped up in? damn owel least ur progressin in dat. im excited n yes hittin da books wonder if theyll hit me baq. c u in SkOoL cory!


  2. taco wrapped up in san andreas? good one. hittin da books, mayb theyll hit me baq. i heard at vmas they hostd 50 cent cursin ouh at lil jon or sumdin for bein too small n short. n uh yeah i gues chem romance shoulda won. oh da rest of linkin park was stranded at lincoln park n if they wrote a better song da park will free them. c u in SkOoL cory!


  3. dude. mcr sucked at warped and they sucked more at the VMAs. big disappointment for me.
    i dun wanna go back to school -.-


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