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  1. dang i know how you how that is. i had a friend that did it all the time but i started high school and she started hanging out with some new people and there cool. but we arent as good as friends as we used to be. try to distance your self from them. or get them to make new friends also hang out with people you like but your friend doesnt. good luck with that. hope i could help. laters megan


  2. yeah well i cant drive by my self yet but i will be some time around december cause i had to wait to take drivers ed. which was gay but oh well. yeah good luck with the whole friend thing. laters megan


  3. i wonda who dis person is. i wonda if im dat fat dat i take up all ur space, i only take up 2 seats on da subway no biggy, i let u sit on da floor -,-


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