2 comments on “People Around The World

  1. It takes all kinds of people to make the world go ’round. I’m glad to learn that you are one if the many that are accepting of all other races. As humans, we naturally fear the unknown. And we like to have everything and everyone fit into neat little pigeon holes. So whenever someone doesn’t fit into a familiar category, we question it, fear it, shun it and there by can appear unaccepting or racist. But you are on the right track, Anthony…we need to open up and be more accepting of the unknown. Great post!


  2. Hi Anthony and thank you for this post. We are all different and that is good. Think about it, imagine what a boring world this would be if all of us were the same. Everyone of us deserves respect. If we all treated one another with respect, this world would be better and safer for us all. You have a good weekend also, buddy! 🙂


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