5 comments on “cryin day #2

  1. you got higher than me cory and don’t kill yourself over it =s we can all study over the summer and remember not to jinx it next time :] oh yeah and your not going to kingsborough community college -.-


  2. –;; Stop beating yourself up over that.
    I’ll admit, that’s higher than mine was. I’m horrible at math. XD; And you know what? I got into a school. Really. Take it from someone who went through that process already. I didn’t apply to any Ivy Leagues so I don’t know about that but you will NOT end up at Kingsborough. Seriously.
    Just stoooppp, or I’ll come after you with the key club planner. XD; ‘Kidding. But come on, cheer up. This is your first SAT right?


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