9 comments on “ONE MORE TIME….

  1. i do! i heard it @ H&M xP one more time n feelin supreme were gnna celebrate =D rofl! no not music vid yeh im in it 2 xD vaarwel ROFL ps ur icon makes u look like reflectin from a piano base


  2. oh yeh i finally no it now buh BUT* not all will lead to ultimate success on social ladder(s). flauntin dat (chained) gf is no way for a honest relationship (less da grl takes pride in bein shown off O.O)


  3. hi cory, “yes im a myspace, but who isn’t?” IM NOTcool good bye in 9 different language; I don’t even know what the chinese goodbyes mean hahaha


  4. yah…i actually finally told him that i like him…he didn’t say anything…and today he acted like nothing happened!!! but, my really close guy friend (and yes, i do like him, too…i liked him a lot last year, too….) looked really sad when I told him that i had told kyle that i like him….but he (Corey) has a gf…in college…and he only really eva talks 2 her on im and phone and c’s her sumtimes on the weekends…but he flirts with me ALL the time…and he only lets ME sit on him, and stuff…so, what do I do???
    Love Always and Forever


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