1. U so mean. Gosh. Wat train do u take. I take the N. haha. idk y i just told u that but ok. So wats up. Also STOP BEING MEAN 2 THE SHORT PLL!!!


  2. oo Chinatown sounds fun-nessSi si ^_^&& :gasp: an emo kidd friend w. a pt punker!?omgessh haWell the abandoned sukked cuz #1 though the people were somewhat smartthey couldn’t just leave the past alone.#2 the woman went back to  friggen Russia..to find her history..to shack up in an old house on an island. In a house over 5o yrs old. WTF!?#3 The ending was kinda bogus#4 She left United States truly cuz she knew her daughter was starting a lifeshe feared the life would be w.o her so she left.Her daughter was smarter then her and knew not to travel to russia>.< she left the past alonefriggen waste of money


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