6 comments on “DIFFERENT

  1. Thanks, good luck on your exams/test/midcycles too. yeah the PSAT is next wednesday, thank god its only PSAT not SAT. Im not ready for the SAT. the college now thing came to my D band class too, that guy force everyone to sign up hahaha and tried to make it convincing.


  2. Oh my god i hate science. Im failing science. Have fun with the PSAT. haha. I dont take it until like 2 mre years. I have time. Wats up.


  3. ah mr lustig da returned teacher right hes helluva talker n persuasive speaker. gl on ur tests cory. i feel da same way u doo. n word teens n sci-fi horror go hand in hand now wuh w all da texas chainsaw massacres and grudge 2 goin on w/o buffys main woman being scared of bein nude in da shower xPP


  4. bananas rock when they are edible!
    yaeh alkaline trio is awesome
    you are. you just don’t know it.  that’s how high you are on it.
    let you give you some advice.. seriously seriously.. start looking up colleges.. and requirements for your major.. i wish i knew that back then .
    PSAT.. you can look as a regular test.. cause its really just a practice test for the SAT.. but if you score high you could win scholorships.
    i hate that i have to start sending in applications for college.. i rather do other things.. but its becoming last minute.. so i have too
    [ i dont wanna grow up T_T ]
    junior year i slackkkkedddd.. so senior year im trying my best. really focusing .. and so far havent failed any tests.. so thats good.. and omg.. i understand math!. lmao.


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