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  1. OMG!! $450!! Well i could get these tripp pants that r like 50 bucks in the village. Im so sad i cant buy them and no 1 would buy them 4 me.


    im starting a teen message board and im really in need of members
    so im trying to promote it to get members
    its for girls and guys and theres topics for all kinds of stuff on the like music and movies and then debates boards and help boards for people having issues plus alot more
    heres the link if you wanna check it out and join!
    if you want more info or anything feel free to ask me!


  3. heh jobs sound fun I wanna job now with friggen 450 bucks woah. Oh and oreo icecream it’s like woah, incredible.  It looks so good too that you dun wanna eat it at first loll


  4. yeh wuh they saidb ouh actin dat certain race n stereotypin das kinda messed up buh then again is their messed up stereotypin. i dun follow dat dude. u got ur own style n im k00l wit dat


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