7 comments on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  1. W0W sounds like u had fun!! I love south park!! Come online. plz. Call me l8er. The barbeque was so much fun. I got hit in the head with a volley ball. It hurt so much. I started cursing cuz of it. How much money u got. hmmm.


  2. and finally da words uve been waiting for: happy bday dude!! =D wows u did uber things n had uber fun! um sry buh wuh song u mean? LOL me short term mem. & course consider it even though our cast is fulla short peeps our camera could adjust its height for a 6+ footer =))


  3. yo wear the shirt with the different ways to fuck on the first day of school oh yea and by the way i forgot to say Happy Birthday!!! although im a bit late…hehe


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