7 comments on “THIS SUCKS

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    Imagination, absurdity, Radical Self Expression, freedom of speech, fascination with what other’s call junk, Uwe Boll, GILF’s, Koro Syndrome, chunneling, The moral lowground, lame puns, The Prayer For Increased Vaginal Sensitivity, ejaculating, shooting up with crack, Hammer Tag, laziness as a life philosophy, dumpsters, laying on couches, free will, having nervous breakdowns, licking slit, delaying the kimevitable, meeting new people, Politics, writing-directing-starring in-snuff films, women who smell good, full gay rights, self cannibalism, individual rights, worrying about the smallest things, creating the best Facebook groups ever, not growing facial hair, appreciating cheesy humor, drilling holes in people’s chests then fucking their lungs with my dick, dance parties on tables at broke down rest stops, cracking knuckles, wishing i was making out, rubberbands, peanut butter, taking naps on people’s laps, fondling my D cups in the mirror for hours, Liberal Takes On Social Reform, anything geeky-cheap or fun, letting shyness take over my brain squishies, vegetarians, relaxing in bed, cuddling with my pillow, premature kimjaculation, putting music to my ears, avoiding eye contact, being creative in my own silly redundant self depreciating friend losing way, having my head scratched, atheism/agnosticism, ghetto booties, massaging my silly neck and back, being a sensitive guy-snuffing a million planets-finding time to cry-realizing there’s more to life than making other people die, infomercials, loving the door to door salesman on Conan, snorting coffee grounds, college ruled paper, french fries with cheese with cheese pizza sandwiches, fingers in my hippy locks, finding new uses for male nipples like-fruit juice squeezers-the beginnings of a pepperoni pizza, sleeping in cars, riding in the trunks of cars with boys, loose change, necro bestial anal buttsex, using the kim prefix, renouncing my citizenship of-but then applying for a living permit in-lame crushville, grooving to porno beats while making toast, K-Fed inspired lyrics and rapping, everything associated with Gwar, gum foil fronts, scrubbing liquid soap into water pruned hands, the great indoors, vaginal sex, cheap tattoos drawn on my skin by pens and markers, pajamas, handjobs from people wearing bling rings, sandals in the winter, skiing like a hen, boredom in manvel, fake rotten teeth, empty Red Bull cans, aquabats lyrics, the ongoing wow, laughing hard and vomiting up my lungs, paper rock scissors with bonus characters, attempting to be homeless, idealizatiion, smiles, mild public adventures, being crypto fascist, whatever is on the dudegenda, the socratic method, crash test sledding, tenting in my own room, the comic luann for the story, the comic Frank & Ernest for its genius, the comic Sherman’s Lagoon for laughs, and the comic I made in 7th grade featuring me and my friends as sewer heroes, stories told with proper enthusiasm and exaggeration, dumpster diving, light green orbit, carbonated water, progression, home made films-skits, nerdcore, the genocide of my pubic hair, longing, suddenly feeling the urge to strut my funky stuff, assplay and cream pies, anal bleaching, building a desert, talking shit about a pretty sunset, Zinging people, 360 vision man, great friends, entertaining conversations, writing comedic material, hanging out in the ISP room, looking hot and melting some kid’s cone at Dairy Queen while the entire building has a meltdown, eccentric weirdos who are not “random”, planting flower seeds in people’s shit and then eating carrots and then throwing up on the shit to fertilize it with carrot vitamins so the flowers will grow, falling off the DDR pad, giving movies the MST3k treatment, flying kites and having 900 feet of string terrorize the town, Snorting Rails of Meth off of Rigor Mortis Penises, Peace, finding happiness, trying to earn passing marks in all types of relationships, finger painting, mowing the lawn barefoot, The mind of my dog Xouirteeee

    Stare it down.  Subscribe.  Hate the Hen known as,

    :nozoli apples:


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