10 comments on “MERRY CHRISTMAS :)

  1. merry fishmas!(mr burns). id cry if it wuz a guitr. Ooo TC:StreetsOfNY dats hot i wan dat 2. i jus got three cards fo ma christmas nuttin else. owel. i didn git ONE presnt i wantd out of the five: TrueCrime, D’AddarioXP Strings, Story OftheYear new Cd, an MP3 dock, and JackJohnsonDVD. buh who cares. next yr is full of crap.


  2. its just a sexy south park character. u got 2 meet my sexy rat. and my sexy booze and sezy cigarrates. their so sexy well bye.


  3. Hope you had a great chrismas too!!! And have a great ney years also, I havn’t talked to you in forever:)
    And yeah it’s really cool the character…ahaha nice!!!


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