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  1. thnx, however i wrote a song 2 the tune of “o Christmas tree” about the dot on the ceiling in my Lit class today and no1 liked it, although my math teacher said it was an “instant classic” so who knos?


  2. now hockeyz gittin dangerous eh. let u retake it eh wish becknel did dat to us more frequently. i wan a grl dat can talk on da fone n look great at da same time. :xp!


  3. yes.
    thx for the comment.
    i hate my stalker. he stalked me EVERYWHERE today and my best friend is going with me 2 ameoba 2morrow to protect me from medina. cuz medina said he’s gonna be there 2morrow, but thats not gonna stop me from getting anti-flag, cuz i’m gonna tell the manager to kick him out.


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