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  1. u loser!!!!!!!! u stayed home??????? I went 2 skool W/O an umbrella, n got all wet, including my socks, n then!!!! My homework got all wet n I came back home looking like a drowned kitten n cried on the way bak home. life sucks!!! n u stayed home. loser. 🙂


  2.   +RAIN+  +HEART-1+  +<3-STICK+  +HEART-2+  +SMILE1+  +KiSS-2+  +KiSS+    +Burger+  +COFFEE+  +Juice+  +SNOW+  +RAIN+  +MONEY+  +UMBRELLA-2+  +UMBRELLA+  +FLOWER+  +ICECREAM+ I’m trying 2 make myself feel betta so excuse all the thingys.


  3. hmm dats y u were ouh. u broke ur umbrellie last rainy day n da 99 cents store burned down so no place to git umbrella anyways so ur absent, good idea.


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