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  1. hey core ive been so bz too. bz bein lazy n tryin so hard 2 git back n i will. crushin? least im not im forgettin grlz. adjust? no way skools gittin gayer


  2. yo dude!!!! u missed moi??? i miss dewey 2!!!! the teachers r all so strict here in murrow! but i have a band free so i can sleep in. i’m taking chemistry n i havent met any1 new (like friends) but i did meet a lot of my old ppl. ekonkar’s in my class!!! like gross. so hows every1 in dewey? give them my love!!!!!!!!!!


  3. u did not read my post?????????????????? i feel so offended n hurt. boy, u betta cum bak n finish reading it!!!!!!! unless u want me 2 go there n beat u up. or i could sana 2. son, i got muscles. u neva seen them b/c then u would never have the audacity 2 not read MY post. u hear me, son???? theres gonna be a fight breaking loose, i promise. so hows skool? 


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