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  1. Supposedly The Phone Will RingRight After You Do ThisJust read the little stories andthink of a wish as you scroll allthe way to the bottom. There isa message there then make yourwishNo attachment on this oneStoriesI’m 13 years old and I wishedthat my dad would come home fromthe army because he’d been havingproblems with his heart and rightleg. It was 2:53 pm When I mademy wish. At 3:07 pm (14 minuteslater the doorbell rang, andthere) my Dad was luggage and all!I’m Katie and I’m 20 and I’ve beenhaving trouble in my job and on theverge of quitting. I made a simplewish that my boss would get a newjob. That was at 1:35 and at 2:55there was an announcement that hewas promoted and was leaving foranother city. Believe me…thisreally works!!!My name is Ann and I am 45 yearsof age. I had always been singleand had been hoping to get into anice, loving relationship for manyyears. While kind of daydreaming(and right after receiving this email)I wished that a quality person wouldfinally come into my life. That was at9:10 AM on a Tuesday. At 9:55 AMa FedEx delivery man came into myoffice.He was cute, polite andcould not stop smiling at me. Hestarted coming back almost everyday(even without packages) and asked meout a week later. We married 6months later and now have beenhappily married for 2 years.What a great email it was!!Just scroll down to the end, butwhile you do, think of a wish.Make your wish when you have completedscrolling. Whatever age you are, is thenumber of minutes it will take for yourwish to come true. ex.you are 25 yearsold, it will take 25 minutes for your wishto come true).However, if you don’t send this topeople in 5 minutes, you will have badluck for years!!Go for it!************************************************************************************************************************
    STOPCongratulations! Your wish willnow come true in your age minutes.Now follow this carefully….itcan be very rewarding!If you send this to 10 morepeople, other than the 5 that youalready have to send to, somethingmajor that you’ve been wantingwill happen.


  2. cory im very sorry. i had my friends over last nite n we were kinda ya kno fooling around like foolish pplz n i got dizzy n i went out of my mind n startd to im pppl n talk like movies n shit i didnt kno wuh happened, i awoke dis mornin n threw up , had cold feet n cold sweat. i dink i wuz sick. sorry, man. dun launch da attack im jus sorry for wuh i said, i wuz bein stupid. i regret it, unfortunately. nuttin else to say. i can b attackd for da rest of my days jus kno dat im da one to blame afta i startd drinkin n shit wit my friends. i guess i didnt kno wuhs right n wrong. i am sick healthwise i suppose. i hope i git better.


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