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  1. expensiv is right wen dey gav u that LITTLE amt of rice n chicken n its mad 6 ticketz, damns! n soda for one dollar, pssh!!! damns. n da prize winnninz, good job,man! i guess u R a fair person, git it? fair person?!?!! 2 bad jenn mizzd it, i guess she wantd to miss bein seen by me :-//


  2. AW thats sweet hope you had fun so are you and your ex-girlfriend gonna get back together?? j/w but yea im so bored i gotta keep up on updatin my xanga and stuff but ill talk to you later bye


  3. Hey corey whats up green day is so flipping awsome!!!!!!! 🙂 but yea that sounds like funny that you guys had a carnival at ur school we dont get that kinda stuff at our school….i guess our school is to cool to be smeeling like horse shit lol jk gotta love ya lots bye


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