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  1. HELL YES !!!!!go for it….oh sry im Natasha and im her best friend and we do everything if theres anything that i can help you with please ask always there to help bye! w/b
    PS.shes nice and funning and shes cute awwwwwww !!! hey my friend lives there!!cool your name sounds familar?!


  2. GOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!her # is 1-800-wouldnt you like to know!!!!!lol jk!!heheeh heres her cell # though awww …..616-334-9187!!! hey hey hey back offf you scavengers!! this is only forrrr…Cory!!!haha


  3. pen pals? dat only helps ur english buh ova a long run nah, ur too tired. talk to her on aim dats enough cmon. wen u meet her fall for wuteva howeva long u want. b sensible use geico.


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