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  1. Parents dooo wut parents dooo best, dey make up for wut dey done rong to u by bribin u wit da best incentives mumz n daddiiz can buy. Applebees is eatin good in da neigborhood buh u soundlike dey turnd it to eatin few in da neighborhood. dey starve u for great prices u bet, dey shrink all da entrees n da steak sauce dippings! Go to Hard Rock Cafe n xpect a mineral den. keeep snoopin round for em resturantz, come to mine, we hav dinner every nite n plus its free, napkins we dun serve tho.


  2. i know wut u mean. my mom screams at me alot and is always buyin me sumthin to cheer me up. whats up wit ur friend ken. hes such a meecrob. check him. u seem like a south park fan so cool him off. RESPECT MY AUTHORITY!


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