10 comments on “TOO CLOSE

  1. regents?? wuh regents u got lols now im mad worried bouh ma regents -_- oh no its not based on my lyfe at all mayb 2% but dats gonna b awesome film once it comes out january as a feat length 15 min film


  2. fobs? well if das wuh u mean den is cuz they only speak their native language, r hangin only wiff their other fobs, wear fobbish clothin n git da highest grades in EVERYTHING but im not stereotypin das wuh i hear das y certain words were replaced wit fobs =) xP


  3. Haha you just got REALLY dictionary just then,& now i can answer question.i wonder y mad poeple dun like f.o.b.s.cuz the term f.o.b. is like mad steretypical perhaps?& thank j00 i will ^_^


  4. people probably hate fobs because like ken said, speak their native language and wear fobbish clothing. Some people are just racist. And most of them do maintain high grades in almost every subject. Suprisingly, even in english. Btw you have only 1 free band (G)and you say that is pretty good free band? I have free C on monday and tuesday, free H everyday except Thursdays. Pretty okay.


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